Page updated May 14, 2012

Dell C600 - workhorse

Any computer from Dell is mainstream - at least that's what I think. Ready-made consumer-grade computing devices offering little or no bells and/or whistles. This laptop does not differ in any way. It's a workhorse.
Nonetheless it's a nice computer. It has dual accessory bays - and it shares batteries and drives with the CP233M i already own. The point i'm trying to make here is that Dell by producing their C-series with interchangeable add-on-components have made my computing experience a lot cheaper and somewhat more practical. I now own several floppy disk drives, a number of reasonably good batteries and a sensible CDRW-writer to go with this machine and its sibling CP233M. I also managed to get hold of several docks designed for the C-series.
Equipped with 512 MB ram, a 60GB harddisk (16MB cache), added internal wlan-adapter (Intel Pro/Wireless 2200bg) and dual batterypacks, i'm able to go wireless with this thing for an entire working day.

And of course it runs Debian Linux :)