Page updated May 14, 2012

Asus Eee901

This is the 'original netbook'! Boasting an Atom CPU, 2GB of memory and an 32GB aftermarket-SSD-harddisk this thing is not for heavy computing. Fine by me, as my intention with it is to take pervasive computing to the next level, not crunch numbers or do videoconversion. I want to have access to information wherever I am. Now! Not after waiting five minutes while booting a big old clumsy computer from scratch. So I've tossed the built-in Windows XP and replaced it with Ubuntu 12.04 UNR. Grabbed my favourite browser, plugins and a few multimediaplayers from Canonical's repository. And now the thing is usually within reach, lid closed, waiting in suspend-mode, ready for me to flip it open and go! I'm telling you; it's blazingly fast! Google, my favourite weather forecast or news site are all available in 10 seconds at any time! So I bring the 901 most everywhere; reading news at 5:30 in the morning while munching my cereals, checking facts while watching TV in the evening, watching movies when travelling longer distances, skyping with friends while out in town - well, you get the picture, right...
The 901 sure delivers; pervasive computing like i wanted it. Everywhere and anytime. Of course it requires an WLAN internet link, where many modern netbooks have a 3G-connection built-in, freeing them from this restraint. But I'll have to make do with this and instead be pleased with the fact that the thing is quite rugged. Since it's got no traditional harddisk, I won't have to worry about careful handling. Nice.
And in a tight spot, it'll even do the work of a real computer. Text processing, serial data sniffing on two ports simultaneously, photo editing. Anything you can throw at a normal PC. Video-encoding though, takes ages to do.

All in all, this computer represents a milestone in my life.