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These are my current favourite links to sites on the web:

Below, you find a set of static links, collected manually and stored here. Use those if you like, but also realize that the future has arrived now, and I've moved my bookmarking to since it's simply much easier to maintain. In case you are not familiar with this online service, I urge you to have a closer look at it.

Computers etc.
Knowledge & information
WikiPedia Online encyclopedia in many languages
EDBpriser DK Computer price index
Gate2Prices DK Computer price index
Tom's Hardware Hardware reference site
HardwareZone Hardware reference site
Anandtech Hardware reference site
Overclocking DK Pushing it to the limit!
Chippen DK Case-modding, OC etc.
MonitorWorld Regarding monitors: Knows all, tells all...
FyldSelv.DK Danish Inkjet cartridge-refill-HOWTO-repository
W3C: HTML v4.01 specification HTML v4.0 specification
W3C: XHTML 1.0 specification XHTML specification
Internet Radio
ShoutCast Internet broadcast music index & ressources
Club 977 Internet radiostation playing music from the 80's (Danish site) Radiostations all over Europe
ComFM Radio- and TV-stations all over the net
CACert Free certificates
Project Honeypot Fighting spammers
Arlet Antivirus/Spyware portal (Danish)
SpywareFri Spyware removal-tool review site (Danish)
SpyBot S&D Detect SpyWare easily, using SpyBot Search & Destroy
LavaSoft Detect SpyWare easily, using AdAware
avast4 Antivirus program - free for home use
ClamWin Antivirus Open source Antivirus for Windows(TM)
AntiVir Antivirus program - free for home use
AVG Antivirus program - free for home use
F-prot Antivirus program - free for home use (linux only)
HouseCall Online virus-scanner
Petter Nordahl's site WinNT administrative tool
Black Viper Advice on setting up WinXP in a sane way
nmap Generic portscanning tool
ntop Network traffic monitor
EtherApe Network traffic monitor
Nessus Remote security scanner
Knoppix-STD Security-toolset on Bootable CD
PenguinSleuth Security-toolset on Bootable CD
OpenForensics Computer-forensics site
RemoteExploit WLAN security forum. BackTrack lives here...
ISC by SANS The Internet Storm Center by SANS
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Software libraries
WebMasterFree Free tools for webmasters
Linuxberg What d' ya need? It's here! Linux only!
Tucows Popular download-site
RPMfind RPM repository.
Simtel Popular download-site Popular download-site Popular download-site
HitSquad music software.comDownload SW for audio processing
Nerd's HeavenSoftware directory directory
Productivity tools and utilities
Gibson Research Corporation Tons o' stuff! Don't miss it!
Internet Junkbuster Helps you get rid of all the noise!
LiteStep Unix-like GUI for nerds. EVERYTHING is configurable!
ICQ You GOTTA have this tool!! - For Windows
Linux ICQ You GOTTA have this tool!! - For Linux
WinAmp The most popular MP3-player for Windoze
StreamRipperStreaming audio ripper-plugin for Winamp
RipCast Streaming audio ripper
CDex Excellent MP3-player/ripper for Windoze
XMMS The most popular MP3-player for Linux
Grip Excellent MP3-player/ripper for Linux
BladeEnc Excellent MP3-encoder for Linux & Windows
MPlayer Excellent DivX-player for Linux
The GIMP Multiplatform graphic editor
GIMP savvy GIMP resources - tutorial, free photos etc.
VMware Put a Virtual PC in your PC!! Check it out!
Bochs Put a GPL Virtual PC in your PC!! Check it out!
GPSdrive GPS navigation for Linux
LCDproc LCD interface for Linux-PC's
World positional mapLat & Lon for 2.8 million cities
EVE vector-image editor Editor for vector-based images KISS assembler for x86
IP calculator online IP subnet calculator
Find your own IP See what your public IP is - here!
HTML validator Check your website for errors
Existing on the Internet
Cliche webhosting El Cheapo webhotel hosting
Postnuke Website content management system
Joomla! Website content management system
Coppermine Website photo gallery
AALUG Linux User Group in Aarhus
SSLUG The worlds biggest Linux User Group - danish...
Mandrake Linux Forget RedHat! Try Mandrake!
Debian Linux Nerd's distro. Runs on my laptop (Dell CP)
Slackware Linux One of the classics. Try it!
Red Hat Linux The most popular distribution around
SuSE Linux Professional stuff BuyWare...
SourceForge Tons o' OpenSource projects. Please visit now! Standardization project. Good idea!
Sun StarOffice Sun's office-suite
OpenOffice OpenSource office-suite
Samba LAN file- & printerserver
Apache Webserver - also for other OS'es
LinksText-mode browser for Linux
Links 2Graphic-mode browser for Linux Home of the free X windows
Enlightenment Cool X windowmanager
Eric Raymond's homepage THE advocat for Open Source software
SunSite International (FTP)Mirrors most useful stuff on this planet!
DotSrc DotSrc at Aalborg University Centre
GNU homepage Open Source root-catalog. Richard Stallman lives here
Home of Linux (FTP) This is where it all started.
Debian Sarge NetInstallerDownload your media here!
Debian add-onsUnofficial DEBs for your Debian-box
RareWares Hard-to-find-DEBs for your Debian-box
Calculators For those of us fortunate enough to own a HP calculator This thing was my first programmable device
TI59 emulatorTry out the TI59 right here!
LinuxProgramming Programming under Linux
Programmers Heaven The mother of all "Base classes"
C reference The best online C reference I know
C-pointer tutorial Gets you going if you need to use pointers in C
Webster Assembly coding forum
TCP/IP guide A guide to TCP/IP
BeyondLogic Interfacing USB, ParPort, RS232 etc.
Sysinternals Advanced tools for MS Windows
PS2 KBD protocol Interfacing the PS/2 keyboard
Beej's Socket programming Guide Unix Sockets made (reasonably) easy
EmbeddedLinux Embedded Linux apps
Bjarne Stroustrup on C++ This guy invented C++
Andrew S. Tanenbaum This guy invented Minix, the student's UNIX
Professional life
MicroChip Embedded SolutionsThe PIC microcontroller manufacturer
Hi-Tech software My PIC C compiler manufacturer
RF Solutions My PIC ICE (In Circuit Emulator) manufacturer
Lauterbach My Coldfire ICD manufacturer
Keil Compilers My 8051 compiler manufacturer
Salvo RTOS for PIC's Tiny footprint RTOS for the PIC
Free RTOS Free RTOS for various micros
OLIMEX PCB manufacturer - programmers, tools and evalkits
uClinux Embedded Linux manufacturer
eCosCentric Embedded Linux manufacturer

Hobbies & interests
CX klub DK Danish Citroën CX enthusiasts club
ID/DS klub DK Danish Citroën ID and DS enthusiasts club
Citronik Danish Citroën forum
CitroTech Swedish Citroën forum
CitroŽnAkuten Swedish Citroën forum
Retro Garage French vintage car and sparepart specialist
The Linux Car Maximum overdrive... See it!!
OBDII interface Car engine diagnostics
BG MegaSquirt EFI-kitDIY fuel Injection system
MegaSquirt Info BG MegaSquirt EFI forum
MK MegaSquirt-Evo EFI-kit DIY fuel Injection system
VEMS-group DIY fuel Injection system forum
PowerPage Engine maintenance/tuning forum (DK)
AutoDatalager Spareparts-for-sale-database (DK)
freediagCar-engine diagnostic tools for Linux
SiliconLabs 100 MIPS 8051-manufacturer
Circuit Cellar Electronics tweaking 8051/8052 MCU site worth visiting
microcontroller.comGeneral MCU site worth visiting
MontaVista HardHat embedded Linux
BitScope PIC-based logic analyzer & scope
XOScope Linux-frontend for BitScope
MicroCode CircuitMaker EDA software
CadSoft EAGLE EDA software
SourceBoost CPIC C-compiler and IDE for Windows
IL-2 Sturmovik THE combat flight simulation
Grand Prix Legends THE real racecar simulation
GT Legends Uh-oh! Another real racecar simulation
CounterStrike THE multiplayer combat sim
Portforward Port forwarding facts & figures
Racer Racecar sim for Linux
Torcs Racecar sim for Linux
MegaGames Cheats & Tips for games
GeoCaching Fun for GPS-owners
Sound & Picture
Internet Movie Database Movie encyclopedia
The Vinyl Engine Vinyl record forum
Happy living Drinkable entertainment HOWTO ;)
Airbag Blog with an attitude
Marc Perkel's website I'm speechless... Perkel's not!

Search engines
Google My choice in searchengines!
AltaVista The 'classic' search engine
Portals & News
Jubii DK The most popular danish portal
SlashDot News for nerds
FreshMeat News for nerds
LinuxLinks Linux Portal
Linux Today Linux Portal
Yahoo International Some say, this is the worlds most popular portal
Yahoo DK Yahoo Denmark
Ni DK Business focused news-center
CNN online Local news from a country far-far away :)